Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Morgan is a project I did for this years Projects class. The theme this year was "less is more" and each of us had to do something with some used materials. The results were awesome. I will post some photos of the presentation one of this days. People created so great things.

I named my prototype, Morgan. And it consists in a PVC canvas folded as a cube so that children can use it as a tent. The material is recycled, the one used for those big commercials that hang on the buildings.

I did two protopypes the first one with a canvas of 2,5 X 2,5 meters and the second one with a canvas of 3,5 X 3,5 meters. This last one end up being a bigger cube and I reinforce it with some fiberglass rods bought on a kite shop.

Here a video of how I did the second Morgan- The canvas was bigger that the room so I had some complications. This is a time lapse resume of  one hour fighting with the PVC. I used a traditional stapler commonly used to staple paper and an classic origami folding system so that I didn't have to cut material. From a 2 dimnsional square to a habitable 3 dimensional cube. Voila!

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