Saturday, June 02, 2012

Hemingway & Gellhorn

Few days ago, on May 28 the last film directed by Phillip Kaufman was released on HBO. As the editor Walter Murch explained in the Boston SuperMeet the movie was made for TV because Hollywood studios found their audiences were not interested on a movie about Hemingway. I am a huge fan of Phillip Kaufman. I remembered watching The Right Stuff when I was a small kid and wanting to become an astronaut immediately. And if you add to that that the George Lucas all time fellow Walter Murch is also involved in the project this suddenly makes the wait until the film is released in Spain insufferable. This is one of the moments where I must say that we are so lucky to  live in the Internet sharing era and I can assure that the film is a must see. Of course I am desiring to own it on DVD or Blu-Ray when released.

Just before it's release on May 25 the director Phillip Kaufman was interviewed by Charlie Rose. Also as part of the marketing campaign, interviews, clips and even a Behind the scenes featurette are presented on the films HBO official site

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