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We have always loved comics in AA&NN, and we would love to read them in Euskara, the language in which we have grown. Sadly, few comics have been published to it, just some European classics such as Asterix and Obelix and The Adventures of Tintin were available in the nineties and most of them are nowadays discontinued by their publishers. We thought it would be great to create a platform to translate and publish in Euskara the comics we most enjoyed when we were kids. That is how LAINO.ME was born.

LAINO.ME comes from LAINO MEHE meaning "thin cloud" in Euskara. It seems that everything is going to be cloud based in the future, digital archives, digital music... so do the comics. The digital tools and Internet give us the opportunity to create something that in paper would be too expensive and too difficult to create and distribute. We would love to see those comics translated to Euskara printed in paper, but we believe the way to go, for now, is digital.

Our strategy over the time may change, but just to start with something, we decided to translate a couple of chapters of our all-time favorite comic works. We will work on dealing with the editors and authors and to publish as diverse works as possible. We want to transform the landscape of comics in Basque and see our thin cloud grow. If you know Basque or you are learning it, we hope you can enjoy our project as much as we do. 

The logo designed by Ian Nose makes use of our favorite cloud, Kinton, from our beloved comic series Dragon Ball by the Japanese author Akira Toriyama.

Update: The new website of the project is: