Yume to kyōki no ōkoku (夢と狂気の王国)

This documentary directed by Mami Sunada brings the spectator to the center of the three year long process that went on the creation of the latest animation film by Studio Ghibli directed by the master filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki: Kaze no Tachinu (風立ちぬ).

It's not the first time that Miyazaki provides full access to a documentary maker to his daily life, but this time Sunada, digs a little deeper in the filmmakers most personal details. Nevertheless, the in and outs of the making of the film are the centerpiece of this documentary as Miyazaki has spend most of his last fifty years of his life behind the drawing desk.

Kaze Tachinu was released in Japan on July 20, 2013, and Yume to Kyōki no Ōkoku (夢と狂気の王国) known outside Japans as the THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS was released theatrically on November 16, 2013.  Soon after Miyazaki at age 72 announced his retirement from his Studio Ghibli's day to day tasks, to focus on other projects related with the Ghibli Museum. Miyazaki founded Studio Ghibli together with Isao Takahata in 1984 and ever since, he has created all his animation films in there.

The documentary was released this last May 21st on  Blu-ray and DVD  in Japan and it includes English subtitles.